Rue-thless Baseball

Team Instruction

Interested in bringing Coach Rue into work with your team!?

This is a great opportunity to get your team on the right track together whether it is baseball or softball!! Players have been able to thrive through team instruction and work. The key hitting positions and leverage points will be demonstrated and explained with the athletes as they are worked through. Accompanying drills will also be worked on to help the development of these new positions and leverage points.

What can your team expect from Rue-thless Baseball?

My goal is for every athlete walk away with a different outlook on the swing and a new confidence in controlling it consistently. Our leverage positions were created to strip away unneeded movements within the swing, not by adding new movements or mechanics. J

ust a few things our athletes can have confidence in walking away with:

  • Game translatable swings
  • Consistency off of the Tee
  • Swing power to all fields
  • A new understanding of the swing
  • New leverage and drive
  •   ...and much more!

To schedule with Rue-thless Baseball, please e-mail or contact Coach Rue at (406) 431-4877