*Rue-thless Hitting does not recommend any supplements for anyone under the age of 18 without first consulting with a physician or licensed qualified Health Care provider.

Nutrition and fitness are not only important, but vital to an athletes' success. An athlete’s body is not something to take a chance on. For this reason Rue-thless Baseball has partnered with Advocare and its scientifically based formulations. Advocare is certified “Banned Substance Free” and I fully believe in their products.

As long as the word “supplement” does not get confused with “healthy lifestyle” AND “ good diet” I believe supplements can be used as tools for recovery. Slowing the recovery process on any professional athlete (MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC, etc.) would have catastrophic consequences on their ability to perform. If AdvoCare is something that interests you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. The process is very simple and products are usually here within the week.

Monthly Strength Workouts:

Great program for athletes who are just beginning weight training. Emphasis will be placed on form and technique. Workouts will build off of the base arm care program with more emphasis on increasing strength that translates to baseball.

Each month will bring a new written workout. The idea is to have a new workout routine each month that continually exposes athletes to baseball related workouts. These will come with full explanations to WHY they are important and HOW to do perform them properly.

All workouts are based on 20+ years of sports specific training as well as input from baseball players across the country.

(As this evolves I would like to make this very personalized and interactive - workouts will be personally tailored after goals are discussed).

Rue-thless Baseball