Lesson Pricing

Single Lesson - $60
5-Lesson Package   -  $250
10-Lesson Package  -  $450

Group & team rates available upon request

Rue-thless Baseball is dedicated to helping young athletes and players reach their full potential. My goal is to assist Montana athletes in their pursuit to play baseball at the next level. One opportunity has the potential to pay for a college education and even become a paying career.

The goal, with every athlete, is to unlock their true potential; through proper training, informed instruction and hard work. Understanding that it takes time and hard work, to reach any goal (in life as well), Rue-thless Baseball takes a unique approach to unlocking the inner confidence in each player. Rome was not built in one day… and you can bet that Bryce Harper did not just wake up and decide that he was a National Leauge MVP. It is a grind, so fall in love with the process!

The Rue-thless Baseball Team is passionate about baseball and what it can teach young athletes about life. Our mission is to unlock the best in each athlete and help the dream feel achievable. 

​If you have more questions about lessons through Rue-thless Hitting or anything we offer please email ruethlessapproach@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook 



Rue-thless Baseball

Each lesson will be around 45-60 minutes - depending on the athlete's endurance. The focus will be on quality of reps NOT the quantity of reps. All lessons will be structured to allow each athlete to work on swings away from the lesson.

A major emphasis of Rue-thless Hitting is understanding of the positions and why we are trying to get to them. The approach will be talked about extensively in each lesson whether it is hitting or pitching.